Matthias Beltinger

is principal bass player of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen since 1984, and has worked frequently with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Kammerorchester Basel, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and the Ensemble Resonanz, Hamburg. He has a passion for ensembles using period instruments, and has the opportunity to work on a regular basis with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Concerto Köln, and the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin.

On his tours through many concert halls with their unique sounds he collected a lot of experiences in acoustical matters.

Bernhard Prösler

is a carpenter and designer for individual furniture and has long time experiences in building of guitars. The Resonanzio project allows him to combine his expertise in the sound characteristics of wood, artistic design creativity, and his love of music. He is owner of a rare collection of real wood veneers, which enables him to put an individual touch on any Resonanzio product.

Thomas Feischen

is a successful businessman in realizing uncommon projects. He is the owner of the “Ventimola” company, and together with his wife, Ida Büssing, he has realized their dreams of running a center for culture. The Villa Sponte is a place for all sorts of cultural activities, and its known for its good acoustic.



The Resonanzio project would not exist without the valuable feedback we have received from fellow musicians and other discerning music lovers. Their input, suggestions, and constructive criticism helped us to develop and refine the resonance plates and sound podiums. We are especially grateful to the musicians, who kindly did the testing at the Sendesaal Bremen: Yuko Hara (Viola), Louise Pühn (Harp), Imke David (Gamba),  Simon Hartmann (Doublebass) and Johannes Rake (Cembalo).